BOSTON (CBS) — Attorney Wendy Murphy has filed an emergency petition to keep convicted child rapist Wayne Chapman locked up.

“Terrifying is close,” said Murphy, trying to describe the emotions of victims.

Two psychologists recently decided Chapman is no longer sexually dangerous, automatically clearing him for release. He could not be released at any moment.

According to court records, Chapman admitted molesting at least 100 boys. He remains a person of interest in the 1976 disappearance of a Lawrence boy. A year later he was convicted of raping two other local boys.

chapman1 Emergency Petition Filed To Keep Child Rapist Locked Up

Wayne Chapman. (Photo credit: Mass Sex Offender Registry)

Murphy is looking to revamp the entire process that led to Chapman’s potential release.

“This whole process has occurred behind closed doors in secret,” she said. “A private-for-profit company should not be responsible for determining if Wayne Chapman is no longer dangerous because the public interest is totally excluded here,” said Murphy.

After he served his 30-year sentence prosecutors were able to keep him locked up arguing he’s a sexually dangerous person. This time, instead of a jury, two psychologists, whose findings cannot be appealed, determined Chapman’s fate.

“The decision-making power to release a man like Wayne Chapman should not rest in the hands of two persons,” said Murphy.

wendymurphy Emergency Petition Filed To Keep Child Rapist Locked Up

Attorney Wendy Murphy (WBZ-TV)

In response to Chapman’s impending freedom, the Department of Corrections released a statement saying in part:  “The DOC believes it’s time to re-evaluate the statute that currently allows a dangerous sex offender to be released back into the community with no available recourse.”

Murphy also said the victims should have been told Chapman was once again petitioning for release and given 14-days notice of his potential release.

The DOC says it fulfilled all the required notifications.


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