TAUNTON (CBS) – A 16-year-old girl was taken into custody at Taunton High School Wednesday after police say she wrote a threatening note that was found Monday in a school bathroom.

It prompted the shutdown of the high school and an adjacent middle school because police say there was a reference to Tuesday’s date in the note.

“We needed investigative time to determine if it was credible or not,” said Taunton Police Lieutenant Eric Nichols.

The student has been charged with threats to a school causing evacuation and public alarm, which is a felony.

It created tensions at the high school with police releasing few details about the contents of the note. But police say the quick arrest came through a collaborative effort with the school. “They had video in the school, different things with handwriting,” said Lt. Nichols. “A lot of investigative techniques.”

Police say there is heightened sensitivity in the wake of recent school shootings. It’s increased training in the schools and in this case they say there was necessary action.

“The heightened sense of safety and security is more important than ever,” Lt. Nichols said. “We have to be prepared to take every threat seriously and do our best to make students safe.”

The student was released to her family and will be arraigned in juvenile court at a later date.


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