BOSTON (CBS) – What is the state of the Democratic party at the local and national level? A man with experience on both fronts weighed in on that topic.

WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller was joined by former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis, who was the 1988 Democratic presidential nominee.

Dukakis previously endorsed Setti Warren, who he has knows since Warren was four years old, in the race against Republican Gov. Charlie Baker. Warren has since dropped out of the race due to a lack of financing.

Keller at Large Part 2

Dukakis said he believes Bob Massie and Jay Gonzalez are both viable Democratic candidates in the race against Baker.

“The question is, can they really engage in the race?” said Dukakis.

The former governor also discussed what Democrats need to do at a national level to improve the party.

  1. Mr. Dukakis:
    We continue to pay the highest water rates in the nation because you were either too ignorant or too proud to take the 90% payment from the Federal Government for the clean up. Instead your inability to lead lingers today. Your toxic leadership skills only benefited the political machine and your ilk that lingers today like Lasky at the MWRA. If people don’t realize how destructive Mike Dukakis has been and continues to be to the residents of the Commonwealth, read how this nit screwed us and continues to dispense his pearls of wisdom. Mike, go away and focus on helping Kitty–it is obvious her depression is a direct response to your inability to be a good husband. You are a true hypocrite to offer advice. How about offering help to clean up your toxic legacy of high water bills?–why-is-water-so-expensive

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