WEYMOUTH (CBS) – A man rescued a deer that was struck on the highway and brought it to the vet in the backseat of his hatchback.

“You don’t see a deer in a Subaru every day, that’s for sure,” a Braintree Animal Control Officer said in a video posted on Facebook Thursday night.

The driver somehow got the deer into his car and drove it to the New England Wildlife Center in Weymouth for medical attention. The Braintree Animal Control Officer was there dropping off an injured raccoon when the driver flagged him down.

deer Driver Brings Deer To Vet In Backseat Of Subaru

Deer rescued by driver in back seat of a Subaru (Image from Braintree PD)

Braintree Police said Animal Control appreciates the driver’s intentions, “but cautions the hazards of transporting wild animals in vehicles.”

The Environmental Police were called, but the deer ran off into the woods before they arrived.


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