BOSTON (CBS) – Running a mile in under five minutes is hard enough, but imagine doing it while juggling!

A Boston University athlete did just that on Tuesday, and also appears to have broken a world record in the process.

The school’s track and field team says Zach Prescott is the new world record holder for the “juggling mile” with a time of 4:43.20.

According to The Guinness Book of World Records website, the record for “joggling with three objects” had been held by American Kirk Swenson since 1986.

Fellow team member and student journalist Ian Anderson chronicled the record attempt on social media.

Prescott dropped the balls on his first try, but three timers verified that he broke the world record on his third attempt by .6 seconds, according to Anderson.

Michal Kapral, a Canadian who holds the Guinness record for fastest marathon while juggling, tweeted that Prescott’s run was a “huge achievement.”


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