WESTFORD (CBS) — There’s a restaurant in Westford serving some of the best Asian cuisine you’ll ever eat.

At Seoul Kitchen, the marinated meats are served sizzling, dumplings are made with a mother’s love, and every taste is deliciously bold.

Seoul Kitchen in Westford (WBZ-TV)

Ever since the restaurant opened a few years ago, it’s been busy. According to owner Jay Chung, customers quickly fall in love with the familiar flavors that make up his Korean cuisine.

“If you were to describe the history of Korean food, it takes the best out of what we know as Chinese food and Japanese food. So it takes some of the spicy Shehzuan flavors of Chinese cuisine, as well as some of the delicacies of fish and other dishes that are traditionally from Japan,” said Chung.

Seoul Kitchen in Westford (WBZ-TV)

“So this is the food that I grew up with, it’s something that I’m proud of, of the culture that I want to share with anyone that loves food.”

It is served in a stylish 130 seat restaurant offering two distinct atmospheres.

Seoul Kitchen in Westford (WBZ-TV)

“We designed Seoul Kitchen to be warm, at the same time fun. So there’s kind of two sides to the restaurant. We have a huge bar, and then we also have a very nice family dining atmosphere as well. When you come in, you’ll feel like you entered a luxury restaurant. It’s not, we keep it very very casual, the food is priced very very casually, and we just keep it fun,” said Chung.


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