By Beth Germano

NORWOOD (CBS) – Norwood Police say an elderly woman was struck and killed as she crossed Washington Street in front of Norwood Hospital Wednesday.

Carolyn Parker was there at the moment of impact telling WBZ-TV the woman was struck and then fell beneath a gray Toyota SUV near the crosswalk. “It was a horrible thing to see, I’m still shaking.,” Parker said. “As he hit her she rolled under the car, he rolled over her so she was hit twice.”

That’s when she says she ran to the woman and touched her leg to feel for a pulse. “I wanted to tell her it would okay, but I don’t even know if she was alive at that point,” Parker said.

Flowers the victim was carrying were left scattered on the street. Medical staff rushed to the scene but it was too late as they brought her to the emergency room. Parker says the driver, who has not been identified, stayed at the scene devastated. “The driver was a mess. I talked to him he was an elderly man himself. He was shaking and said he didn’t see her. I don’t know how he didn’t see her,” Parker said.

norwood1 Woman Carrying Flowers Struck, Killed Outside Norwood Hospital

Flowers fell to the ground when a woman was hit by a car outside Norwood Hospital. (WBZ-TV)

Police say the driver is cooperating with the investigation and it’s too soon to say if any charges will be filed.

The woman was later identified as 81-year-old Dawn Whitney of Foxboro.


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