By Katie Brace

WORCESTER (CBS) – A Worcester cab driver was stabbed in the neck and had to fight for his life earlier this week. The man who allegedly attacked him is under arrest.

Cab driver Harvinder Dhillon showed us his wounds he suffered at the hands of a passenger, stab wounds to his neck and head.

Police say the attacker is Robert Rutledge who appeared in court on Friday. He’s charged with several crimes including intent to murder and carjacking.

dhill Worcester Cab Driver Stabbed In The Neck, Suspect Arrested

Cab driver Harvinder Dhillon (WBZ-TV)

The ordeal started mid-afternoon Monday when the suspect asked Dhillon for change for $100. When Dhillon said he didn’t have it, the man stabbed him in the neck

“After he stabbed me I leave the brake you know, car going down the hill,” Dhillon said.

The cab crashed to a stop. Dhillon managed to climb out but he wasn’t done fighting.

“Outside I have sand and something and snow and then pick up and door is open I throw a couple times in his face,” Dhillon said.

rut Worcester Cab Driver Stabbed In The Neck, Suspect Arrested

Robert Rutledge (WBZ-TV)

The taxi driver also hung onto the key for his electric cab. The man realizing he couldn’t drive away ran down the street. Dhillon managed to take a few photos in an attempt to help police catch his attacker. Several witnesses called 911.

Dhillon said there was blood everywhere. As the doctors learned, Dhillon had not used up his fighting spirit.

“Doctor say two and half inches here and three inches deep with the knife, you’re lucky you survived I thank God I survived,” he said.

Rutledge is in jail pending a dangerousness hearing. Dhillon plans to be back behind the wheel on Monday.


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