RUTLAND (CBS) – Attacked by an 80 pound coyote in his own backyard, a Rutland man says he only had seconds to react.

Brian Hutchins tapped into some wrestling moves he remembered from high school to flip the coyote over and fight him off. He says he sees coyotes all the time in his backyard, which is why he goes out every night around sunset to take his chickens in. Wednesday night, he says, he was caught completely off guard.

“I started walking out, looked at the chickens, and that was when the coyote jumped on my back,” Brian Hutchins said.

brian hutchins Rutland Man Attacked By Coyote In Backyard

Brian Hutchins still has some scratches but thankfully there are no puncture wounds. (WBZ-TV)

That was around 8pm Wednesday night, when Brian went to put his hens away for the night.

“It was holding onto me, almost ripped my coat off. But I got him over, and that’s when I just blocked his kicks, trying to claw at my face. And I just started stabbing him,” Brian said.

The injured coyote ran off and hasn’t been seen since.

Brian says it was his knife and his thick jacket that saved him.

coat Rutland Man Attacked By Coyote In Backyard

The thickness of Brian Hutchins’ coat helped protect his neck from any puncture wounds. (WBZ-TV)

“The back of my neck is sore, but I have no puncture wounds, because it was trying to bite my head, my neck,” Brian recalled.

Brian is still a little shaken up and has some scratches left but is relieved that he is OK.

“I was very scared. Not too much scares me but it was really, very scary,” Brian said.

Brian will check in with his doctor to see if he needs a rabies shot. Mass Wildlife was at his home surveying the area and they believe the coyote thought that he was an animal and not a human because he was coming up from a basement door.

Rutland Police want people to keep an extra eye out and protect their wildlife.

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  1. Urban coyotes stalk and attack not only pets, but people, children on a national basis-there are daily media reports on pet attacks and a human is reported attacked weekly on average. Do not believe Animal Rights propaganda that coyotes do not attack humans. Urban coyotes have become progressively more aggressive and dangerous and will not only jump into yards to kill pets, but will rip dogs off of leashes and kill them while the owners are frantically trying to save them. They will grab kids and try to drag them out of their parents’ arms. They need to be removed and kept removed. “Co-existence” is an idiotic animal rights policy designed to generate donations from emotional, gullible animal lovers and this policy has led to the coyote overpopulation and dangerous situation we have now. They are not fuzzy pets, they are dangerous carnivorous predators and pack hunters. Further on the East Coast, there has been a serious uptick in the incidence of rabies in the coyote population. The USDA will send in Federal Trappers to remove coyotes and keep them removed. Residents and their pets have a right to be safe in their neighborhoods and parks.

  2. The entirely speculative guess made by the Masswildlife spokesperson (Dave Wattles) is just completely preposterous on it’s face!

    For him to suppose (out loud) that a hungry and wild, adult canine coyote, one that is attempting to poach chickens in this man’s yard, somehow “may have thought” it was just attacking some other form of wildlife in a fight over food, based on the fact that the guy had the hood up on his canvas coat, is laughable and ridiculous.

    How many forms of wild mammals in Massachusetts (or anywhere in the region) live in houses, walk upright, raise chickens in enclosed caged areas just outside their back doors, wear dungarees & laced up boots over socks, and slip into canvas jackets with hoods when they open the door and go outdoors into their yards to check on the chickens?

    Hmmmmm … let me think? I’m guessing ‘none.’ Anyone?

  3. kamburgy says:

    80 lbs is freaking HUGE for a coyote. More likely this was a coydog rather than a coyote.

    1. Eric Knight says:

      In WI we have Coyowolves and they are 80 lbs plus.

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