LOWELL (CBS) – Lowell High School will be closed for a third day in a row Friday as the school deals with more gas leak issues.

Inspectors need more time to check and repair problems that caused gas leaks in the building in recent days.

Parents are growing frustrated. “This has been going on all winter. It’s exhausting,” said Jessica Hardy, mother of a Lowell High School junior.

The school was also closed Wednesday and Thursday. Students evacuated Tuesday due to a leak in the field house.

Last week students went home early after a pool heater caused a gas leak.

lowell Parents Furious As Lowell High School Closed Again Due To Gas Leak

Students evacuate Lowell High School due to a gas leak on April 10. (WBZ-TV)

Lowell has plans for a new high school. A meeting was held Thursday night to discuss the plans.

Earlier this winter, class was canceled at the school due to heating issues. Students were forced to sit in classrooms that were around 45 degrees.

“I’m furious. I have a daughter who’s trying to learn as much as she can. She has SATs coming up. She’s starting to look at colleges,” said Hardy. “And I just wonder, is she prepared? The teachers are going above and beyond to give her extra help and give her everything she needs. But how focused are they when they’re sitting in class waiting for the next thing to happen, or not being able to focus because they are cold?”

Gerry Nutter, a school committee member, said “there’s no one who is happy with” the situation going on at the school.

“They’re going through every unit to make sure there’s no leaks. Out of an abundance of cautiousness they are finishing everything and not having school,” he said.


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