DURHAM, NH (CBS) – Two baseball coaches hatched a plan to hit an 11-year-old girl in the head during practice to intimidate her into leaving the league, a New Hampshire parent claims.

Fosters Daily Democrat reported the man complained of the incident in a letter to the Oyster River Youth Association chairman. The father said two coaches came up with the plan during the league draft in March.

The man’s daughter is the only girl in the league. He says he was told of the alleged plan by two other coaches who were at the draft and found the comment inappropriate.

Durham Police said that the department has opted not to open a criminal investigation into the incident after looking into the accusations.

ORYA director Matthew Glode said that the league is aware of the accusation, but wants to complete a thorough investigation before reaching any conclusions.

“(The Fosters Daily Democrat’s) publication relied upon one person’s perception of a third-party conversation that happened more than three weeks prior the issued complaint,” Glode said in a statement. “ORYA feels it is important to question every person who witnessed and/or engaged in that conversation before coming to any determinations.”

  1. If this is true, those 2 coaches should spend time behind bars. Did they happen to watch the little league world series a few years ago when that incredible girl from New York pitched? I suppose not. Baseball is for everyone.