CAMBRIDGE (CBS) — An 11-year-old boy was awarded a life-saver certificate, a certificate of merit, and a key to the city by the Cambridge Police Department and Mayor Marc McGovern on Tuesday.

Arnab took over a 911 call in February to help give the dispatcher information because his mother was having difficulty speaking and breathing.

cambridge11yearold 11 Year Old Boy Awarded Life Saver Certificate After 911 Call

Arnab at his award ceremony along with Cambridge Police members and Mayor Marc McGovern (Photo Courtesy: Cambridge Police)

“The boy remained composed and provided the exact location for first responders along with updated medical information,” said a Facebook post by Cambridge Police. “The Dispatcher praised the child caller for staying calm and so composed during such a challenging circumstance.”

Because of Arnab’s actions, his mother was able to receive the immediate medical attention she needed due to a cardiac problem.

At his award ceremony, Mayor said Arnab should be recognized for “the most commendable act of compassion: being a voice for someone who is not able to advocate for themselves.”


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