By Gary Brode
QUINCY (CBS) – A bridge dividing instead of connecting, creating a rift between two cities and mayors.
Boston Mayor Martin Walsh said,”I’m not going to make a public fight over this. “
Quincy Mayor Tom Koch said, “I think that Mayor Walsh knows that the mayor of Quincy is not supportive.”
Walsh and Koch are at odds over the reconstruction of the Long Island Bridge in Boston Harbor.
long island bridge Boston, Quincy Mayors At Odds Over Bridge Reconstruction

The mayors of Boston and Quincy are at odds over the reconstruction of the Long Island bridge. (WBZ-TV)

Walsh made it a top priority at the beginning of the year to begin construction and then place a rehabilitation facility on the island.
“It’s absurd that we have a perfectly good piece of land to put incredible recovery services on and create halfway house beds for people of the entire Commonwealth to be able to use it,” Walsh said.
Koch and people living in the Quincy neighborhood of Squantum don’t want the added traffic and have other ideas.
Dick Stohlberg has lived in Squantum for more than 60 years.
brudge Boston, Quincy Mayors At Odds Over Bridge Reconstruction

Long Island Bridge demolished in Boston Harbor (WBZ-TV)

“I prefer them to have boats going back and forth. There’s so much traffic. People going out there,” Stohlberg said.
Koch agrees. He’d prefer to have a ferry shuttle people to an from the island. The Quincy mayor is also concerned about future development and says he will attempt to block the construction any way he can.
“We will be engaging outside consultants and attorneys to give us the best advice going forward,” Koch said.
Koch is also looking into using ordinances to block the Quincy road going to Moon Island.
Walsh, meanwhile, said he plans to move forward with the plans.
He expects it will take about three years to build the bridge, which is expected to cost $90 million.
Comments (5)
  1. drunks and drug addicts vs luxury condo’s hmmmm, tough choice

  2. Ken Rowland says:

    Reconstruct the bridge… use the ISLAND for a Summer Camp, extended ‘Homeless/Addictive’ care; recreation and good health! Pick a couple of other islands in Boston Harbor and do the same!

  3. Ken, are you out of your mind? You want the homeless and drug addicts to get a prime piece of waterfront property? Build condo’s and luxury apartments, get the most out of it.

  4. Sue Sullivan says:

    The Mayor of Quincy is showing his true colors in this “I’ll stop at nothing to push any addicted people öut of Quincy” approach. Mayor Walsh of Boston is making tough decisions to try to slow down this opioid epidemic by providing much needed long term treatment and all Mayor Koch can do is try to come up with every kind of end run to make it not happen.

    I lived on Dorchester Street for 4 years when the Long Island shelters were running previously and there were absolutely no issues. Not much traffic. Never even saw an impaired or homeless person, nce that is clearly what you are worried about. You didn’t ban construction vehicles when other developments like Marina Bay or some of the big homes in Squantum were being built. Why now?

    Not in my backyard Mr. Mayor? You should be ashamed… and by the way… one night recently when addicted/homeless individuals were going into the shelter on Southampton Street in Boston and they were asked where they were from, 60 of them said they were from Quincy and a number of them said they were told by police in Quincy to get on a bus and go to Boston to get their services.

    What happened to “how you treat the least of my brothers that I will treat unto you? Seems to me that Mayor Koch cares much more about the votes of high end developers than doing what is morally right.

    Does no one in Squantum have friends or family that need addiction help? Is it not worth a small amount of inconvenience for us to finally be able to provide more much-needed treatment beds?

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