BROCKTON (CBS) – Witnesses say they saw police shoot and seriously wound a man in Brockton Sunday night.

The same witnesses say the man had a knife. Neither police nor the district attorney had commented on the incident as of late Sunday night.

The man was familiar to many in the neighborhood and the shooting took place outside an apartment building on North Main Street where he lived, witnesses said.
Friends of the man said he is troubled, but they don’t believe the shooting was necessary.

brockton shooting Witnesses: Police Shoot Man In Brockton

Witnesses say police shot a man in Brockton (WBZ)

“They didn’t have to shoot him the four times or three times that they did,” a woman at the scene told WBZ-TV. “The first shot knocked the knife out of his hand. Why keep shooting him?”

Friends and some witnesses said the man shot was holding a knife at his own throat. It’s unclear what led to the gunfire but some are angry.

“He has a lot going on his life, he’s well-known around here, everybody loves him to death, we all call him family,” a man told WBZ-TV. “There was just no need of four shots.”

There was no immediate update on the man’s condition and the investigation is ongoing.

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