MARBLEHEAD (CBS) — A Marblehead thrift shop sells all sorts of used “stuff” for a good cause.

And after 13 years in business, the store has hit a remarkable milestone: it has donated a total of $1 million to help Marblehead schools.

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WBZ-TV visited the Magic Hat Thrift Shop in Marblehead on Friday morning.

“I absolutely love the Magic Hat. I’m here daily. It’s a gem in town,” said shopper Kathleen Rosenberg.

They have just about everything you need to stuff your closet or home.

Magic Hat has items from children’s clothing to household items. (WBZ-TV)

“I think it’s amazing. You know you’ve got to have plates, you’ve got to have clothes, you’ve got to have chairs, tables. Everything here is so perfect for where I am in life,” said Tai Palacios, another shopper.

But here’s the thing that makes the Magic Hat special: the proceeds go to the Parent Teacher Organizations in each of Marblehead’s six public schools.

The shop has just reached an amazing milestone. Since it opened in 2005, the Magic Hat has donated a million dollars to the PTOs.

The thrift shop’s proceeds goes to the PTOs in each of Marblehead’s six public schools. (WBZ-TV)

“We buy kindles, French books. We have poets come and speak to the kids. These are all programs that would not be if not for the Magic Hat,” said Wendy Roworth, the president of the store’s board.

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And everything for sale is donated.

“It could be from an estate sale. It could be from downsizing. It could be things that their children have outgrown. I personally am wearing a Vineyard Vines shirt that I bought here for about $4,” says Roworth.

The Magic Hat Thrift Shop in Marblehead. (WBZ-TV)

Everything is priced to move.

“They have great sales. Half off kids stuff. Half off housewares,” said Rosenberg.

“I don’t necessarily come in looking for anything in particular, but then you end up leaving with a shirt, tie, books, a game,” said shopper Chris Bruell.

Marblehead school kids are the winners.

“It’s from the heart, and it’s something that everyone here absolutely loves,” said Roworth.

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The Magic Hat has grown so much they now have a small staff and an army of volunteers.

David Wade