NANTUCKET (CBS) – Experts on Nantucket are trying who breached a freshwater pond, allowing it to mix with water from the Atlantic Ocean.

The town said work was performed by “parties unknown to the town and without any permits” at Miacomet Pond. The pond is a freshwater system that services a 1,040-acre watershed.

nantucket1 Town Wants To Know Who Breached Nantucket Pond

Miacomet Pond in Nantucket where town officials say unpermitted digging was done. (Image Credit: Town of Nantucket)

“The flora and fauna of Miacomet Pond are primarily freshwater species and will be negatively impacted by significant saltwater intrusion. Saltwater intrusion could cause fish kills and other biological hazards,” the town said.

As of noon on Wednesday, the pond was still open. The town and United States Army Corp of Engineers will work to determine the best way to fix the pond.

  1. How could NOBODY have seen this? Takes a large piece of machinery to get this done ?

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