BOSTON (CBS) — The uncertainty of what is actually a punishable offense in the NHL continues.

The NHL has decided not to discipline forward Brayden Schenn for his questionable hit on David Krejci during Wednesday night’s Bruins-Blues game in St. Louis.

Schenn delivered a hit to Krejci’s head in the second period of St. Louis’ 2-1 overtime win and was hit with a two-minute minor penalty for charging on the play. But according to NBC Sports Boston’s Joe Haggerty, the league’s Department of Player Safety didn’t see it as charging on Thursday, because Schenn’s skates were still on the ice at the point of contact. In addition, they felt head contact was unavoidable on the play.


Luckily for the Bruins, Krejci was not injured on the play. Schenn has been suspended twice in his career for charging, but is not considered a repeat offender by the NHL because he hasn’t been punished for over 18 months.

This decision won’t sit well with Boston fans. Bruins forward David Backes, who had never been suspended or fined during his 12-year career, was slapped with a three-game ban earlier this month for a similar hit to the head on Detroit’s Frans Nielsen. Backes was ejected from the game for that hit.

So it appears the consistency issues in the NHL’s disciplinary office won’t be going away anytime soon.

Comments (3)

    1. Sin LnStyle says:

      They have had a hard on for the Bs for years I wouldn’t expect that to change anytime soon. Had this been Marchand it would have been an instant ejection and a 5+ game suspension for intent to injure. They make this up as they go.

  2. Jeff Walsh says:

    The officiating this year against the Bruins has been atricious at best. it seems like every night they play 2 teams. if this was Marchand or even BAckes they would have gotten 3-5 it’s BS.

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