ALLSTON (CBS) — At the intersection of food and fun is a place called Hopewell.

Located on Comm. Avenue in Allston, Hopewell Bar and Kitchen is the kind of place you want in your part of town.

Hopewell Kitchen and Bar (Phantom Gourmet)

“Hopewell Bar and Kitchen is a fun hang out, probably the most chill place to be anywhere. Everybody is blown away by what they see, what they eat when they come and hang out,” said chef Matt Lancaster.

Demick O’Brien oversees the subterranean space which is set-up to look more like an awesome basement game room than a restaurant. There are pool tables and pinball, shuffleboard and vintage video games.

Hopewell Kitchen and Bar (Phantom Gourmet)

“I love this job because it’s exactly the place I would want to hang out in,” said O’Brien.

Back in the kitchen, Lancaster cooks dishes that are way beyond typical grub. “Our menu is bar American with a slight French twist, I would say. We’re still trying to offer that pub food but take it to the next level.”

Hopewell Kitchen and Bar (Phantom Gourmet)

This includes warm garlic knots with marinara for dipping, awesome burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, thin crust pizzas and filling steak with triple peppercorn butter, just to name a few.

“Butter makes everything better and butter on steak makes it delicious,” said Lancaster.

Hopewell Bar and Kitchen is that special kind of restaurant that seems to make everything better no matter your mood.

Hopewell Kitchen and Bar (Phantom Gourmet)

O’Brien said, “People come in here all day and you know, bad day at work, bad day in life, whatever, they can come, have a great meal, tip back a couple of drinks, play some games and forget about what’s going on with the rest of their day. Just give them a great time. It’s always nice to see somebody walk out with a smile on their face thinking one, this place is awesome and two, I had a great time.”


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