BOSTON (CBS) – Nobody – including yours truly – likes to play the scold. Really, we don’t. But sometimes a pattern of human behavior surfaces that is so foolish, so careless, and so potentially damaging to the social fabric, that you’ve got to speak out and at least raise the shame level for the people creating the problem.

That is how I feel about this, the all too common sight of drivers, many hours after a storm has passed, still driving around with their vehicles covered in snow and ice.

This video was shot Wednesday morning, more than 12 hours after the blizzard ended, and as you can see, it’s a miracle the driver wasn’t left driving blind from their roof snow blanketing the windshield.

Several drivers were caught with snow-covered cars on March 14, 2018. (Photos credit: Mass. State Police)

Here are just a few of the pictures the State Police took Wednesday at traffic stops around our area. What were these people thinking? Unless they were physically unable to clear the snow, we can safely assume they weren’t thinking, of their own safety or anyone else’s.

The situation is so bad, the State Police felt compelled to release this video, patiently – and more than a little bit sarcastically – instructing the clueless among us on this basic safety precaution.

People who can’t reach the snow for whatever reason need to get someone to help them before they hit the road. And for those who can do it but simply choose not to? Sure hope you don’t cause serious harm to yourself or someone else. That would add unacceptable injury to what’s become a chronic insult to the community.

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