HULL (CBS) – The fire chief in Hull took to Facebook to express his frustration with National Grid after power was knocked out in town for several days.

Friday’s powerful nor’easter left about 500,000 residents in the state in the dark at the height of the storm.

Chief Christoper Russo posted on the Town of Hull Emergency Management page Saturday, saying National Grid had determined it was unsafe to continue working into the night to restore power, adding “my opinion is different.”

“We were unsuccessful with NGrid and there (sic) team and yes this is on them 100%!,” Russo posted.

hull This Is On Them 100%: Fire Chief Blasts National Grid For Storm Response

(Facebook Screenshot)

Russo said his department would be monitoring power restorations “like we are watching our own kids.”

The post has since been deleted.

“I will refrain from sharing my personal frustration on this incident but please know this, if I do nothing else in my career for this town it will be spent holding this company accountable for every single resident who is in the dark tonight,” Russo wrote.

The fire chief wrote that residents should “feel free to call them every 15 seconds until our power is back on.”

On Sunday, Russo posted again to clarify that his comments were directed at National Grid’s corporate operation, not the workers who were on scene after the storm.

Power was restored to Hull just before 6 p.m. on Sunday.

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  1. Chief Russo is a straight talking, passionate advocate for Hull residents. National Grid Management took 47 hours to restore Hull power. Does anyone think this is acceptable performance, keeping in mind Hull’s most vulnerable citizens, children and seniors, suffered with no heat?

  2. I Agree with Chief Russo im a Fire Chief also and some people in my town including myself was with out power for 40+ hours but national grid sent a man in a van to stand guard over the pole that needed to be replaced so he made out with some nice ot then 3 national grid trucks came into the village and went right by the down pole to go park in the fire station parking lot was there for about 2 hours then left never to see them again by this time its been 30 + hours and everyone in the village had power back on except 1 road with 4 people then it took a out of state power company to come in and fix it

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