By Beth Germano

SANDWICH (CBS) – It’s the kind of flooding Sandwich residents say doesn’t happen too often.

“Only on a bad nor’easter,” said Sandwich resident Tim Conley.

This is ranking as a bad noreaster with some waterfront homes surrounded by floodwater and floating debris at the height of high tide with strong winds keeping the water at the shore.

sand1 Sandwich Homes Surrounded By Floodwater, Debris

Street flooded in Sandwich during nor’easter (WBZ-TV)

A raging ocean at Town Neck Beach was a testament to the storm’s power and had the weather watchers out in full force. “This is really impressive. I’ve come here several times to watch the storms including the one in January and it seems to be surpassing that,” said Joe Cavanaugh.

Areas of Route 6A were flooding out blocking access to some residents, and some drivers were driving past the barriers and police guard to keep them out only to be turned around. Back in January even the Sandwich Fire Department nearly flooded.

On Friday, vehicles were moved and the fire chief is bracing for the tides ahead. “If the tides come in and stay in the water is going to accumulate and it’s going to get worse and worse and worse,” said Chief William Carrico.


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