BOSTON (CBS) — Well this is awkward.

Patriots fans have been closely monitoring Twitter this offseason, patiently awaiting any hints of what Rob Gronkowski’s next move will be. While we wait for the tight end to tweet out another emoji to be analyzed 30 times over, the Patriots official Twitter account gave us something new to dwell on this lovely Friday morning.

As they do with all of their players, the Patriots wished corner Malcolm Butler a happy birthday on Friday. The only problem is, well, things aren’t all that great between the Patriots and Butler.

The relationship was sour enough after the Patriots didn’t offer Butler a contract extension last offseason, and even shopped him on the trade market. Instead of giving Butler, a restricted free agent, a lengthy deal, Bill Belichick and company went out and gave Stephon Gilmore a monster contract. And then there’s that whole thing with Belichick not playing Butler in New England’s Super Bowl LII loss to the Philadelphia Eagles last month, likely the final chapter in the Super Bowl XLIX hero’s Patriots career.

Maybe the Patriots’ social media teams knows something we don’t, but chances are Friday’s birthday wish isn’t a preamble to the Patriots giving Butler a new contract. It’s just another chapter in this offseason’s wild soap opera, but at least the comments under the tweet are rather entertaining.

Either way, happy 28th birthday, Malcolm.


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