BOSTON (CBS) — The Patriots’ 2018 draft positions are now set.

On Friday, the Patriots learned that they now own the 43rd overall pick in April’s draft.

The NFL held a coin flip on Friday afternoon which determined the draft position of the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers, who both finished the season with 6-10 records and had the same strength of schedule. The next tiebreaker in such a scenario is a coin flip.

This impacted the Patriots, because they are the owners of the 49ers’ second-round pick. The Patriots acquired that pick in the Jimmy Garoppolo trade back in October.

The 49ers’ second-round pick could have either been 41st or 43rd overall, because the Dolphins also finished 6-10 and the three teams alternate positions each round.

With Friday’s development, the Patriots’ draft positions are official. Here’s a look at their picks ahead of April’s draft:

Round 1, 31st overall
Round 2, 43rd overall
Round 2, 63rd overall
Round 3, 95th overall
Round 4, 136th overall (Compensatory Pick)
Round 6, 205th overall

The Patriots traded away their fourth-round pick in order to acquire Eric Rowe prior to the 2016 season, they traded their fifth-round pick to Seattle in order to acquire Cassius Marsh prior to the 2017 season, and they traded their seventh-round pick to Cincinnati in order to acquire Marquis Flowers prior to the 2017 season.

The draft will take place April 26-28.


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