BOSTON (CBS) — The 2017-18 Cleveland Cavaliers are the gift that keeps on giving.

They’re a squad of never-ending drama, which is no real surprise given LeBron James is their leader. But it’s not very often you read of a player being suspended for throwing a bowl of soup at a coach.

That’s exactly why JR Smith was forced to sit out Thursday night’s Cavaliers loss the Philadelphia 76ers, according to ESPN. The guard earned himself a one-game ban for rearing back and tossing a bowl of bullion at assistant coach Damon Jones, securing what will probably go down as the greatest suspension of all time in any sport.

No word on what kind of soup Smith threw at Jones, or if it connected with the coach. It doesn’t sound like the incident incited a team-wide food fight either, which may be what the Cavaliers need to get back on track at the moment.

Smith will be back at practice with the Cavaliers on Friday, according to Cleveland head coach Ty Lue. He and his assistants may want to wear ponchos to the session.

Somehow, the Cavaliers will probably blame Isaiah Thomas for this incident. Now we sit and wait for the next gem to drop from the Cavaliers — or the next bowl of soup to fly.







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