By Jim Smith

YARMOUTH (CBS) – A boy is accused of attacking his father after a dispute over texting while at a restaurant. The father was seriously hurt, and an off duty Dennis firefighter potentially saved his life.

“I had heard someone say, ‘stay down, stay down, stay down, we’re calling for help,'” John Adelizzi, the off duty firefighter, said.

Dennis Firefighter John Adelizzi (WBZ-TV)

Adelizzi was relaxing Saturday night at Montebello Restaurant in Yarmouth, but even though he was off duty, he ended up saving a life.

“I came out to see what was going on and found the gentleman on the ground and he had been bleeding and just went to help him,” Adelizzi said.

Montebello Restaurant in Yarmouth (WBZ-TV)

The 63-year-old father was unconscious outside with a severe head injury. Police say his teenage son had punched him so hard that he hit his head on the ground. Police say it happened after an argument in the restaurant that started when the father told his son repeatedly to stop texting during dinner.

“He looked like he was bleeding from the mouth and the face, and he was very confused so I just did what I could to keep control of the bleeding, keep him calm until Yarmouth Fire showed up which was very quick and they were able to take care of him,” Adelizzi said.

The juvenile son was arrested and charged with felony assault and battery on a person over sixty with a serious injury. His father was brought to Cape Cod Hospital.

“I think he was just lucky that I was there, to be able to control the bleeding for him until Yarmouth showed up,” Adelizzi said.

Yarmouth Police credit Adelizzi with taking quick and decisive action they say helped save the victim’s life. Adelizzi is just glad he could help.

“That’s my job. Firefighter, paramedic,” Adelizzi said when asked if he felt like a hero.

Jim Smith


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