BURLINGTON (CBS) – Burlington Police are hoping to find new leads in one of their unsolved mysteries. Thirty-five years ago, George Aleskivitch was hit by a car and killed on Winn Street at Route 128, and the person responsible has never been found. The vehicle dragged Aleskivitch 60 feet before driving away.

“I believe it would give me closure. This was an event that affected my life in many ways,” Jim Aleskivitch, the victim’s brother, said.

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George Aleskivitch’s brother, James, is looking for closure from the Burlington Police. (WBZ-TV)

Burlington Police have released a sketch of a man wanted for questioning in connection to the crash and have received several leads recently.

“There are likely multiple people out there who either know who did this or have information that could lead us to who did this,” Burlington Police Chief Michael R. Kent said. “We hope that by releasing these updated sketches and drawing attention back to this case, someone will be encouraged to come forward and finally bring this case to a close and give this family some closure.”

Sketch of what the suspect would have looked like in 1983. (WBZ-TV)

Car fragments pointed to a burgundy Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme and witnesses say the three or four occupants knew they’d hit someone.

“There’s no doubt that they knew,” Aleskivitch said.

George’s death drew some press coverage, but despite a police sketch of the driver, the case quickly went cold. So Jim recently brought his “Justice for George” campaign to Facebook and tips began trickling in to welcoming police.

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“We’ll investigate it, it may be nothing but it may be something,” Burlington Police Detective Jim Tigges said.

Sketch of age progression of 1983 hit and run suspect (Image from Burlington Police)

Burlington Police even went to a forensic sketch artist who made images of what the hit and run driver might look like today.

“I mean it’s been bugging me for a long time,” Aleskivitch said.

It’s a longshot. But Jim Aleskivitch believes reaching someone in that car might be his best bet.

“I’m thinking that someone might have a conscience and come forward,” he said.

Jim says his dad passed away with no answers about George’s death. And he’d rather that same fate not befall his siblings.

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Anyone with information regarding the hit and run should call Burlington Police at 781-270-1921.