REVERE (CBS) – Water’s Edge in Revere is a series of high rise apartment buildings that promise luxury with an ocean view. But residents will tell you it’s been anything but luxurious.

“It’s aggravating and frustrating,” explained resident Laura Cunningham.

Since she moved in last fall, the elevator in her building on Ocean Ave has routinely been out of service. “I live on the 11th floor so I have to walk up and down. I have asthma,” she said.

Water’s Edge apartments in Revere (WBZ-TV)

Last week the situation escalated. The state determined the elevators were unsafe and shut them down. An inspection report obtained by the I-Team ordered all major components of the elevators to be replaced. Now residents are forced to use the stairs, in some cases up and down 16 flights.

“It’s exhausting,” Laura said. “Especially if you are carrying groceries.”

A couple carrying a baby in an infant car seat across the lobby told the I-Team they pay $1,700 per month for a one bedroom on the 8th floor. “We got a stroller. We got a kid. It’s just not fair,” the man said.

The buildings are run by Carabetta Companies out of Connecticut. When the I-Team called to ask when the elevators will be replaced, a spokesperson promised to get back to us, but he never did.

Elevators shut down at Water’s Edge apartment building in Revere (WBZ-TV)

We tried to get answers at the leasing office, but the manager wouldn’t open the door. The leasing office at another Water’s Edge building was padlocked shut.

The City of Revere is now ordering Carabetta to fix the elevators and make other repairs. In a statement the Mayor told the I-Team:

“We are disturbed by the ongoing conditions… and we are flabbergasted by the landlord’s inability to properly maintain these properties.”

In the meantime, the city is using ambulances to help relocate vulnerable residents to temporary housing, including a disabled vet who told the I-Team he didn’t want to show his face because he fears retribution. “I think it’s repulsive how they treat people,” he said. “People just don’t care anymore.”

The mayor also told the I-Team there are several hundred pages of violations at the properties over the past year. He added, the city is closely monitoring this situation and will stay aggressive until the conditions improve.