By Ken MacLeod

BOURNE (CBS) – Police are looking to social media to help them find a sneaky senior on the Cape. You can see her allegedly swiping cash from a restaurant’s tip jar. Workers at the Lobster Trap in Bourne realized money was missing and that’s when police went to surveillance footage and discovered the theft.

Olivia Slayton was working the takeout counter and it was busy.

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“I turned around and I saw that her hand was near the top of the tip jar, but I wasn’t sure so I didn’t want to accuse her of anything,” Slayton said.

She’s talking about the older, bespectacled woman who ordered fish and chips Monday evening as she did her own fishing in the tip jar.

Surveillance video shows a woman allegedly stealing from a Bourne restaurant tip jar (Image from Bourne PD)

“Just to think somebody would do that to us is just like really disrespectful,” said Slayton.

Surveillance cameras caught her sifting through the bills, apparently hunting for fives which she then tucks in her purse even as employees like Lainie Hatch buzz around her.

“I didn’t even think twice as I was walking by,” Hatch said. “We all work hard for our tips, and as waitresses we don’t make minimum, we rely on the tip money.”

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Obviously this is not The Great Train Robbery. In fact, the restaurant owner doesn’t even want to press charges. What he does want is for the thief to come by and personally apologize to the workers whose money she stole.

Workers say the thief was rude and complained about the service during her visit. They also recognized her as the same lady who pilfered cash from another tip jar in the restaurant fish market a few months back.

Employees estimate she got twenty bucks, money that was quickly restored by coworkers and customers.

The video has now gone viral on Facebook and police don’t have much doubt she’ll be publicly ID’d quickly.

“I almost think the embarrassment is more than anything hopefully going to teach her a lesson,” said Hatch.

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If you recognize her police would love — a tip.

Ken MacLeod