BOSTON (CBS) – What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?

I recall having a lot of fun with a Super Ball that could bounce as high as the house, with my Etch-a-Sketch, and remember Slinky? That was good for a few laughs and taught you a little bit about gravity.

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But times have changed, and so, it seems, has our cultural concept of what makes a good toy, judging from the stuff on display at this new toy expo in New York.

For example. the Pomsie is something you wrap around your wrist and the more you touch and play with it, the more the Pomsie reacts.



Whatever happened to the notion of the child reacting to a doll with their own imagination?

Perhaps some kids will like playing with the Flyin’ Fryin’ Donuts game, but why?


And with this mini-drone based on the Golden Snitch from the Harry Potter books flying around your house, what could possibly go wrong?

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You don’t have to go back to the old days to find fun toys for kids. Modern technology has given us some truly creative ways for kids to enjoy themselves and maybe learn something while they’re at it.


But for some reason, the industry thinks parents want to bring Poo-Dough into their homes, content in the notion that it “smells much better than the real thing.”


And the less said about Pop a Zit and, whatever this game is, the better.


Free advice for the toy industry – get your head out of the gutter and show some respect for children, before kids rediscover the joys of playing with a cardboard box.

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