LOWELL (CBS) – Firefighters in Lowell are warning residents after a surge of overdoses in recent days.

In total, 20 overdoses were reported in a three-day span, firefighters said on Sunday.

Many of the patients were in respiratory arrest.

All of the overdose victims were revived and no deaths resulted.

“If you or your loved one is suffering from addiction, please be extra vigilant in the coming days,” the Lowell Fire Department said in a statement. “Do not use when you are alone, check on loved ones frequently, and call 911 immediately if you witness an overdose. Your actions may save your loved one’s life!”

Fire Cheif Jeff Winward said the rescues were made possible because first responders were carrying narcan.

“We feel as though there’s a stronger than normal batch of heroin, or a heroin-fentanyl mix out there,” said Winward. “Everyone is working together, and we’re all carrying narcan.”

Winward said the uptick in overdoses takes its toll.

“It puts a strain on the firefighters, police and EMTs. It’s stressful to go out and perform rescue breathing and administer narcan to people, especially when they weather’s cold,” he said.


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