REVERE (CBS) – Police have found a man who went missing while he was walking his 10-month-old granddaughter Friday afternoon.

Nicolai Denisov, 74, and the baby were found safe about two miles away thanks to a combination of social media and a woman who heard the baby crying and knew something wasn’t right.

Michelle Senibadli knows her Everett neighborhood so when she heard crying just before 5:00 pm Friday she knew something wasn’t right.

Nicolai Denisov (Image from Revere PD)

“We don’t have a lot of babies around this neighborhood so I just thought it was very strange to hear a baby crying out in the cold,” said Senibadli.

She went to check it out two houses down from her own home at the corner of Jefferson Ave and Brook Street near the Everett-Chelsea line.

“The baby was still in the carriage and he was just standing in the backyard, he looked confused, like he didn’t know where he was I’m not sure,” said Senibadli.

She recognized Denisov and his 10-month-old granddaughter from the Revere Police missing persons post that was spreading on social media.

Missing baby found in Revere (WBZ-TV)

“If I didn’t go on Facebook it would have never dawned on me that that looked just like the man in the picture they showed,” Senibadli said.

Police says the pair went missing around 2:50 Friday afternoon in Revere setting off a two hour search until Senibadli made that 911 call.

Within minutes there was a happy reunion as police handed the baby over to a man who took the girl to an ambulance.

“I’m happy everything worked out good and everybody is healthy,” Senibadli said.

The baby came home from the hospital Friday night and her parents say she will be OK.