By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) – Super Bowl 52 had many memorable moments, but when 13-year-old Ryan McKenna literally took matters into his own hands during the halftime show with Justin Timberlake, he had no idea he would become the talk of the town.

“I’m a huge fan and he’s my favorite singer and that was my favorite song, ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling,’” Ryan said.

The two shared a moment as Ryan took a selfie with the big time superstar. His post on social media has gone viral.

ryan mckenna Selfie Kid: Scituate Teens Super Bowl Picture Goes Viral

Ryan McKenna’s famous selfie with Justin Timberlake at Super Bowl LII, February 4, 2018. (Photo credit: Ryan McKenna)

“He stopped right in my row and I threw my arm around him. It’s just surreal that I’m like everywhere and I got a picture with him,” Ryan said.

And his name is forever changed to the selfie kid. “I’m just a selfie kid. I guess it’s kind of cool,” Ryan said.

The seventh grader from Scituate can be seen typing something on his phone during the performance. “I had to get the selfie, so that’s why I was looking down at my phone. I was not looking up the lyrics or anything,” Ryan confirmed.

mckenna Selfie Kid: Scituate Teens Super Bowl Picture Goes Viral

Ryan McKenna (WBZ-TV)

And while his Patriots lost the game the halftime show made his night. “I’m very excited he got this opportunity I was worried that he be upset the Patriots had lost but I think he’s over that now,” his mother Tracey McKenna said.

Ryan says this experience has changed his life forever, he went from 400 followers to more than 35,000 in one night. “My Instagram has blown up. Friends of friends are reaching out to me. I can’t respond to all of it,” Ryan chuckled.


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