AMHERST (CBS) – After the Patriots lost Super Bowl LII there was chaos at UMass Amherst.

About 2,000 students gathered on campus after the game and there were multiple fights, according to the university.

They said some people set off firecrackers and smoke bombs.

Officers used pepper ball, which disperses a powder not a gas, to break up the crowds.

Six people were arrested and 12 were taken to the hospital.

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  1. You are right. May I add….Snowflakes

  2. Tom Ronson says:

    Any of these arrested idiots should be expelled from UMASS with no refund of tuition.

    1. Don Stickney says:

      Nothing will happen to them. When hooligans at Middlebury, Berkeley and other institutions of ‘higher learning’ rioted to stifle free speech advocates by vandalizing property, setting off fire alarms and assaulting visiting speakers and each other, school administrations responded by issuing private reprimands and double-secret probations to the offenders.
      The inmates are running the asylums.

  3. Lilith Whyte says:

    Isn’t this what their “Safe Spaces” are for?

  4. Mike Arvand says:

    monkeys and the urban jungle.

  5. Herb Rapoza says:

    Grief counselors are standing by.

  6. So much passion, love, disdain, hatred — over a bunch of morons who can throw a ball. The deterioration of this country never ceases to amaze me. Certainly — sports are fun! But when ‘mayhem’ ensues due to a bunch of highly overpaid man-children who run up and down a lined turf with a ball . . . drops the ball; you have to wonder about the state of our human condition. Idiocracy: the movie, has gone from fiction to non-fiction in this country.

    This type of passion (and pay) should be reserved for those who research, promote and achieve progress that is mutually beneficial to all. But no: we ‘Muricans reserve all for reality TV (Side note: if you believe it is truly real — you are as dumb as the average person) and men chasing each other wearing tights. Comical, but tragic simultaneously.

    And who are you fanatical fans? I’ve seen clips of the people in the stadiums: obese, balding, uneducated drooling neanderthals sitting beside their wife, or friends, who are equally as disgusting. Grow up. Most of you have never played said sport with balls and tights yet somehow identify as if you were taking part making you the victor! No — you are not the victor, in fact — you are little more than a constant reminder and blinding symptom of the ‘dumbing down’ disease that has swept across the U.S.

    So — congratulations to your victory, though you did not take part; as if it were the defining moment of an era. But now — back to reality: pop a handful of those opioids, keep flipping burgers to support your seven children, and for their sake, ensure the wheels on your house are chocked.

    . . . football, so stupid.

    Have a nice day!

    1. kstormplace says:

      Chris Phillips lectures everyone about the stupidity of sports while in his profile photo that accompanies his post, he is wearing a U.S. Polo Association cap. Hey Chris, if you want to talk about stupid sports, how about we start with elitist animal abusing polo?

      The hypocrisy of Chris Phillips is breathtaking.

      1. No don’t chill out — this is fun! But to respond to ‘kstormplace’:

        Your stupidity is not amazing — but dreadfully common. I’m wearing a hat. Not as an endorsement — nor do you see me playing Polo.

        Unfortunately to get a black hat — all of you sports fanatics make it impossible to purchase one without an emblem referring to a sport.

        Move along. :)

    2. “So — congratulations to your victory, though you did not take part”, They lost,

      1. I don’t watch Football; I don’t care who won or lost. I have better things to do. But for you, I’ll rephrase:

        “So my sincerest condolences regarding your brutal beat-down. Hopefully, your wife (or mother, as you’re probably still dwelling in her basement) will chill one of her 300-Lbs legs, lay it across your boo-boo to apply pressure, and remind you that everyone is a winner.”

        Have a nice day! :)

    3. Dean McRoll says:

      Framing all fans of football as fat, lazy, bald, redneck trailer trash, is equally as ridiculous as people destroying property over a game. The difference being that these college kids are emotionally caught up in the moment , unfortunately blind to this ridiculous and unfortunate behaviour.
      You on the other hand, had to sit and type, and delete, and retype until your angry little piece brought you overwhelming delight stereotyping all fans of a particular sport into such a poor perspective.
      The kids here didn’t have to think to do something so stupid.
      You on the other hand, put alot of thought into writing something equally as stupid.
      And to end your passive aggressive note with “have a nice day” , really paints a picture of you as being a self righteous and smug individual.
      You should be ashamed of yourself.

      1. How dare you accuse me of editing — perfectly typed first try! And a lot of thought? I do think ‘a lot’ why people always write ‘alot’ as it is not a word; but I digress . . .

        Regarding the college students, you pointed out that they did not have to think before such reckless behavior: scary, don’t you think?

        If I were to presume . . . Yes! I think I will — more effort went into your scolding diatribe than what I wrote previously. There are four defining differences between you and I:

        1. I don’t care.
        2. I understand that sports fanatics are stupid; esp. Football, gross.
        3. Smug? No, I’m just better than you.

        Now — I’m certain you will ‘Have a nice day!’

        ‘Like shooting fish in a barrel, Dean; though it appears the fish are dumber ’round these here parts.’


  7. Dave Smith says:

    The gladiatorial combats In Pompeii, Rome were banned for ten years after a riot broke out there.The Roman legion blocked off all the exits at the Hippodrome in Constantinople as to facilitate the CORRECTION of the individuals who rioted there in the Eastern empire. Civilized cities should not tolerate this and all involved should be dealt with in a measured fashion.

  8. This should be a felony. These are University students ? Wow what a bunch of sorry losers. Their teachers should be proud.

  9. Dan Thomas says:

    Don’t keep score. Give everyone a participation medal.

  10. Bread & Circuses, Snowflakes team lost and they strike out .

  11. This is what we all have come to expect from the so called students at these zoos of higher ignorance that only teach liberal BS and drug use.

  12. Is not the NFL a great thing. The fans are every bit as course and dim-witted as the players.

  13. asudad90 says:

    This is considered free speech according to liberals.

  14. Peter Morgan says:

    I’m fond of the part where it says “twelve were taken to the hospital”.

  15. Archie Demarest says:

    The clever UMAS cops covered the lamp posts with Astroglide.

  16. Ken May says:

    The scoops are on their way! The scoops are on their way!

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