By Ken MacLeod

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – Little Christopher Gomez is nine pounds of cutie in his mom’s arms and Framingham Police Officer Liz Morrison can’t get him out of her head.

“It’s gonna be close to our hearts forever,” Morrison said.

She’s been an officer less than a year, but had a career moment Sunday before the Super Bowl.

“It’s something they teach you in the academy and they train you for, and when you’re sitting in the academy, you’re like ‘this is never going to happen,’” Morrison said.

morrison Police Officer Helps Deliver Baby In Framingham Home

Framingham Police Officer Liz Morrison (WBZ-TV)

Officer Morrison was summoned to a home on Irving Street just before suppertime after Irma Ochoa’s husband called 911 to say she was in labor.

When Morrison arrived, the ambulance was on its way and she figured they’d take care of it. But it seems the baby had other plans.

Indeed, by the time Officer Morrison made it to the couple’s small bathroom, it was pretty clear that she would be delivering Christopher.

“Absolutely crowning, coming right out,” she said. “And I was like ‘oh no!’”

gomez Police Officer Helps Deliver Baby In Framingham Home

Christopher Gomez (WBZ-TV)

Oh, yes. And being Irma’s fourth child, Christopher arrived in a jiffy as Officer Morrison’s partner backed her up.

“There are guys that have been on the job 30-40 years that have never done that,” said Officer Nick Caruso.

All was good by the time mom and baby made it to the hospital with Morrison alongside — of course. The officer even pitched in some baby clothes as a gift.

“It just makes you happy, it’s incredible, it was amazing it’s something I’m never going to forget,” Morrison said.

And she expects that the memory of Christopher’s little face will bring her plenty of smiles on patrol.


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