BOSTON (CBS) – Could a daily nightcap help protect your brain from Alzheimer’s?

Researchers at the University of Rochester found that mice exposed to low levels of alcohol showed less inflammation in the brain and were more efficient at removing brain waste, including toxins associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Low levels of alcohol, for this study, amounts to about 2 1/2 glasses a day. A glass of wine is only about 4-5 ounces in total.

We know that low to moderate levels of alcohol may help prevent heart disease and cancer and now possibly dementia, but excessive alcohol use can do the opposite.

Heavydrinking can increase your risk of heart disease, cancer and brain dysfunction, so be very careful about how much alcohol you consume and don’t overdo it.

While this study may be good news for mild to moderate drinkers, if you don’t drink alcohol you shouldn’t start based on these results.


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