BOSTON (CBS) — Following the Patriots’ Super Bowl LII loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, Tom Brady did not hesitate to say that he expects to be playing quarterback for New England next season.

That should come as no surprise, as Brady has said many times he wants to play into his mid-40s. But now there questions as to whether he’ll have his All Pro tight end to throw to in 2018.

Apparently there was a report (read: speculation) ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl that Rob Gronkowski might retire after this season. That’s a new one, but Gronk was asked about his future following New England’s 41-33 loss to the Eagles on Sunday night.

He questioned where the reporter heard the story, but did not commit to playing next season.

“I’m definitely going to look at my future,” said Gronkowski. “We’ll sit down in the next couple of weeks and see where I’m at.

Asked what it would take for him to retire, a downtrodden Gronkowski said he’s not ready to answer these types of questions.

“I’m just going to sit down and reflect on the season. Probably talk to my teammates; we fought all year, all the receivers, running backs, lineman. We put all that work in. I’m going to reflect on the season and see what happens,” he said.

“We just lost. I just want to sit back, relax the next couple of weeks and I really have nothing to say about that right now,” said Gronkowski.

Gronkowski had a great Super Bowl, catching nine passes for 116 yards and two touchdowns. He has had a lengthy history of injuries, including a concussion he suffered two weeks ago in the AFC Championship Game.

The 28-year-old missed the second half of last season after undergoing season-ending back surgery, but returned to play 14 regular season games in 2017 and was named an All-Pro after catching 69 passes for 1,084 yards and eight touchdowns.

Chances are he’ll be back catching touchdowns from Brady next season, but in the immediate moments following a Super Bowl loss, the future is something even Gronkowski is pondering at the moment.



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