By Christina Hager

DUDLEY (CBS) – A dog named Chance has been given a second chance. After 168 days on death row in the Dudley town pound, where he was set to be euthanized, a judge sent the boxer home this week.

“It’s taken a huge burden off my shoulders to know that he’s here, he’s home, he’s safe,” said Chance’s owner Brian Ceccarelli. Chance is a therapy dog for Ceccarelli, who suffers with PTSD.

chance Dog Set To Be Euthanized In Dudley Gets Second Chance

Chance (WBZ-TV)

Last year, some neighbors said Chance attacked and injured their dogs, and a pizza deliveryman said Chance jumped on him as he dropped off a pizza.

When Dudley town officials put the dog in quarantine, Ceccarelli took them to court. “Chance has never attacked a person. He’s never bitten a person,” said his attorney Jeremy Cohen of Boston Dog Lawyers. “Now Chance may behave badly, or he may not, but that’s sort of the case with all of our dogs.”

chance2 Dog Set To Be Euthanized In Dudley Gets Second Chance

Chance and Brian Ceccarelli (WBZ-TV)

Ceccarelli says he spent $10,000 on a new fence around his home and changes inside to block Chance from the entryway.

“He was a rescue dog. I rescued him, then he rescued me, and now I rescued him again,” said Ceccarelli. “Now he’s back to rescuing me again.”


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