By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (CBS) — The Patriots have a rather important game to play in a few days, but that doesn’t mean they’re feeling the stress.

That much was evident when wide receiver Danny Amendola showed up to his podium sporting a white Patriots game jersey that looked like it was at least three sizes too big for his body. The jersey belonged to James Harrison, who’s got nearly a hundred pounds on Amendola.

img 4439 Danny Amendola, James Harrison Swap Jerseys Before Meeting Media

Danny Amendola, wearing James Harrison’s Super Bowl jersey. (Photo by Joe Giza/WBZ-TV)

The receiver smiled proudly in his shiny new No. 92 jersey.

That meant, of course, that Harrison would have to return the favor, and sure enough, the veteran linebacker was sitting downstairs at a table, surrounded by media members, wearing a tight No. 80 jersey that looked like it was cutting off circulation to Harrison’s biceps.

It was a silly scene, to be sure. But there was a serious matter at hand. How in the world did Harrison plan to take that jersey off without ripping it?

“If it rips, it rips,” Harrison said, going full Ivan Drago on the world. “No, they’re going to help me get it off, the same way they helped me get it on.”

jamesharrison Danny Amendola, James Harrison Swap Jerseys Before Meeting Media

James Harrison, wearing Danny Amendola’s Super Bowl jersey (Photo by Joe Giza/WBZ-TV)

Aside from revealing that it required multiple teammates to actually get the jersey on, Harrison said that he plans on switching places on the field with Amendola on Sunday. And then he took that fantasy a step further.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell y’all. I’m going seven for 125, OK? And I might switch it up and play a little quarterback,” Harrison said. “I might go 24-for-36 for 375, two touchdown passes. Plus two touchdown catches.”

The confidence inspired some doubt.

“Have I ever played quarterback? Look at my arms!” he joked, before admitting he’s never played the position.

We’ll see if Harrison comes out to meet the media on Thursday while wearing Tom Brady’s jersey. We hear that the quarterback tends to just leave those lying around the locker room.

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