By Katie Brace

WEBSTER (CBS) – For Frank Olzta, his three dogs are his babies. It pales in comparison to his buddy Guy Cole and his Golden Retriever, Toby who he brought home as a puppy.

“Like man and wife but best friends. Toby was always there. Guy was always there,” said Olzta.

Richard Tetreault, fellow friend and dog owner, agrees. “Once his wife died, he had nobody he had only Toby. And as close as they were before, but they got closer,” said Tetreault.

toby Dog Runs To Friends House After Owner Suffers Medical Emergency

Toby (WBZ-TV)

About six months ago, Guy had a medical emergency. Toby fetched Richard who was walking nearby. “Toby wasn’t going to take no for an answer,” said Tetreault.

This last medical emergency Toby ran a half-mile to a friend’s house to get help.

“He was pawing at the door, barking. I came downstairs, and I could see something was wrong,” said Olzta. He called for a wellness check. “I hope my dogs do that for me,” said Olzta.

guycole Dog Runs To Friends House After Owner Suffers Medical Emergency

Guy Cole (WBZ-TV)

First responders rushed Guy, who was 74-years old to the hospital. Later that day, police say Guy passed away.

The Webster Police department shared the story of Toby’s dedication and love on Facebook.

In Guy’s obituary Toby is the first living relative mentioned, referred to as his best friend and loyal companion.

“You never seen anything like it. I have never seen a dog and another human being be that close. They were just like one,” said Tetreault.

Toby is now with family members.

Guy’s friends marvel at the unique bond between two souls.


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