BOSTON (CBS) – Drivers escaped injury after a tire went flying on the Mass Pike during the morning commute on Thursday.

One vehicle was hit by the tire on the eastbound side of the Mass Pike near Boston University and was towed from the area. A second vehicle on the eastbound side was hit and received minor damage.

cardamage Flying Tire From Mass Pike Hits 3 Cars

Car damaged by flying tire on Mass Pike (WBZ-TV)

Julia McBride was on her way to classes at Boston University on Agganis Way below the Mass Pike, when suddenly the tire flew off and hit her car.

“I’m OK, shaken up but OK,” said Julia McBride. “Out of the corner of my eye, and I thought it was a bird or a flock of birds. I didn’t think it would be a tire or anything seriously heavy.”

tire2 Flying Tire From Mass Pike Hits 3 Cars

Tire that flew off Mass. Pike and onto Agganis Way (WBZ-TV)

Julia says it hit the driver’s side window, about six inches from her head. “I don’t know how it hit the glass without breaking it. But it did, and everything’s OK,” she says.

Police are still looking for the truck the tire came from.


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