By Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) – He’s on everyone’s list as one of the top guitar slingers in rock and roll, and he’s also a big Patriots fan, excited for a shot at another Super Bowl trophy.  Joe Perry, the lead guitarist for Boston band Aerosmith, has just released a new solo album.  WBZ sat down with him Thursday to talk music and Super Bowl glory.

“Hey, it’s ballads and drums and guitars and guys singing, pouring their hearts out,” he says, describing his new album “Sweetzerland Manifesto.”

It’s his sixth solo effort and started out as an instrumental album.  But then he began bringing in friends like Johnny Depp, David Johansen and Robin Zander.  “There was definitely a vibe and energy with it because everybody came in with no expectations other than to have fun and to make music. This was the first one that I just took my hands off the steering wheel and let the music take it,” he says.

joeperry Joe Perry On New Album, Another Patriots Super Bowl

Guitarist Joe Perry (WBZ-TV)

Perry’s other love right now is the Patriots. He’s been a fan forever, but seems hesitant to say too much. No sense jinxing it.

“I think they’re going for it. I have nothing but utter faith. I don’t even want to say. Yeah, I’m a fan,” Perry says.  “They’re obviously doing something now that’s very close to breaking all the rule books and breaking all the record books and that’s pretty amazing.”

gettyimages 460873492 Joe Perry On New Album, Another Patriots Super Bowl

Members of the New England Patriots End Zone Militia fire guns during a game. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

And his Patriots dream goes beyond Super Bowls, to the End Zone Militia. “One day I’d like to be one of those guys that go out there and shoot off a musket,” Perry says.

Joe has an album signing tonight (Jan. 25) at Newbury Comics in Boston from 6 until 8pm.

And when you’re watching the Super Bowl, keep your eye out for Joe in an ad for Monster audio equipment.


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