By Juli McDonald

BOSTON (CBS) – Frustration is boiling over after the sudden closing of Zoots dry cleaners last week. Customers still haven’t been able to get their clothes and workers say their checks are bouncing.

The entryway of the Concord Zoots store is littered with scribbled notes, customers begging for their belongings from the now-bankrupt dry cleaning chain.

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Employees across 17 stores are in the dark just the same after a Friday conference call sent them out the door, jobless.

Notes from customers left on flood of Concord Zoots store (WBZ-TV)

“I’m mad, I’m upset,” said Courtni Richardson, a Chelmsford Zoots employee.

The day before, Harpers Payroll had fronted employees paychecks per usual, after the bankruptcy filing, those direct deposits disappeared.

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“This morning I went to go get gas because I have to go job hunting and my card declined,” said Richardson. “I looked in my phone and it said it was a reversal.”

The Attorney General’s office is reviewing several labor complaints and referring employees to the Department of Unemployment Assistance to claim wages.

“I only had this part time job at $11 an hour plus a monthly Social Security check,” said Doris, a Concord Zoots employee. “This may be peanuts to the powers that be, but to me it’s a big deal.”

In an email to customers, the trustee appointed by the court wrote, “I am currently working with Zoots management to finalize a strategy… that will allow us to return to the Zoots customers all laundry and dry cleaning in Zoots possession.”

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A hearing to possibly grant that emergency approval is scheduled for Thursday afternoon. Customers have received some updates by email but employees have heard very little.

Juli McDonald