BOSTON (CBS) — Remember all that talk of the NFL losing viewership?

Not only was CBS’ broadcast of Sunday’s AFC Championship Game between the Patriots and Jaguars the most-watched game of the season, it was the highest-rated program on television since New England’s epic comeback against the Atlanta Falcons in last year’s Super Bowl.

Around the country, nearly 48 million people tuned in to New England’s 24-20 comeback win over Jacksonville on Sunday. The game earned an overnight share of 27.3/50 nationally, with ratings peaking from 5:30-6:00pm as the Patriots erased a 10-point fourth quarter deficit to clinch their second straight Super Bowl berth.

Locally on WBZ-TV in Boston, the game had a 50.1 rating and a 75 percent audience share, meaning 75 percent of households watching TV were tuned to the Patriots on WBZ-TV. It was most-watched game of the season with almost 2.3 million viewers, and the most-watched Sunday afternoon AFC Championship in more than 20 years.

The Patriots will now play the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII on Sunday, Feb. 4.



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  1. This shows that Jacksonville CAN draw ratings. People should stop with the “People would never watch them” nonsense.

    1. Sam Jones says:

      I tuned in to watch the Patriots. They could have been playing St. Lucy of the Blind for all I cared. JAX gave them a great game, though.

  2. Rich Bach says:

    What would you think, it’s the Patriots.

  3. The Patriots draw viewers….love em or hate em, people watch. The NFC game, later, was down 12% in ratings compared to last year. Ratings for NFL football are down 20% from 2 years ago, overall for the year. Roger Goodell had his rosary beads, holy water and was on his knees PRAYING for the Patriots to win the game and make it to the SuperBowl. He got his wish. GO PATS!!!!

  4. David Puddy says:

    It was nice to see during the playing of national anthem that there was zero numbskulls disrespecting our flag and the great people who fought for our freedoms!! Looks like our President who’s been calling these guys out has worked! MAGA!

  5. Rob Thompson says:

    It is sort of amusing to think Roger Goddell is probably thankful the Patriots made it to the Super Bowl.

  6. Wade Page says:

    I have not and will not watch another NFL game until the players are required to stand and respect our flag while the Anthem plays.

  7. Jeff Roth says:

    Wow. Talk about being in the pocket of the NFL. The real story is that ratings for the game were the lowest for the early game of the Conference championships in 5 years.

  8. Andy Howe says:

    America’s team? It ain’t the Cowboys any more.

  9. The reason there were so many people watching that game is most people wanted to see the Patriots lose, Go Eagles!

  10. Jess Hansen says:

    No mention of how it compared directly against the AFC championship game last year. Interesting…..

  11. Jess Hansen says:

    “The AFC title game, between the Patriots and the Jaguars, pulled a 27.3 overnight rating on CBS, down slightly but essentially flat from last year’s early-window conference championship (Packers-Falcons), and down 14 percent from the 2016 game in that slot (Patriots-Broncos). Based on overnights, it was the lowest rated AFC Championship since 2015 and the lowest rated early-window conference title game since 2013.

    However, Pats-Jags was (unsurprisingly) the highest-rated show on television since last year’s Super Bowl, topping the Academy Awards last March.

    The latest
    Fox bids aggressively for Thursday Night Football, while NBC and CBS reportedly decrease offers
    NFL conference championship ratings down from recent years but still huge
    CNN head Jeff Zucker denies interest in running ESPN
    Philadelphia celebrations saw greased-pole climbing, shirtless fans with dog masks, and Charles Barkley going to get drunk
    Over on Fox, a Vikings-Eagles matchup was never going to be a ratings home run, and it couldn’t have hurt that the game quickly became a blowout. That game drew a 24.7 overnight rating, down 11 percent from last year’s late-window contest (Patriots-Steelers) and down 8 percent from 2016’s clash (Cardinals-Panthers). It was the lowest rated NFC title game since 2009, and the lowest rated late-window conference championship since 2015.”

  12. Maybe that is because no one was disrespecting America at this game this time.

  13. Ha ha! Chumps. Idiots. Go pay the 4000 for a ticket. Morons. I watch on TV ! (and turn off the adds). Cost? $4.89 for the electric to run the TV. Food is cheaper too. I laugh at you impicles.

  14. Steve Welch says:

    I could care less. I won’t be watching the Super Bowl or supporting the NFL in any way. Those pathetic overpaid players who refuse to stand for the National Anthem or the raising of the American Flag are selfish cry babies. We have combat Veterans who are wounded who can stand during the national anthem. Yet those NFL clowns can’t? Screw them and the NFL…..

  15. Refs gave it to the team that won. Jags will be back deep in the hunt next season and the mission will be to knock off NE and brady. Noticed no Jags fans were interviewed in ur little video.

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