CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – He “could” be a Patriots fan’s “second” least favorite Commissioner!

Cambridge Police Commissioner Branville Bard, who is from Philadelphia, is a longtime, diehard Eagles fan.

“There’s been some good-natured banter going on between me and my staff,” Bard told WBZ.

branve Cambridge Police Commissioner Is Diehard Eagles Fan

Cambridge Police Commissioner Branville Bard (WBZ-TV)

Bard has been displaying the throwback game jerseys of two of his favorite Eagles on his office door: the shirts of late defensive lineman Reggie White and former quarterback Randall Cunningham.

The Cambridge Police Department posted a photo of the shirts on their Twitter page.

All of the Cambridge cops we talked to say they respect the fact that their boss didn’t become a Patriots fan just because he changed cities.

Bard insists the Eagles defense will be the key for Philly beating New England in the Super Bowl. His prediction on the score? Eagles 31 Patriots 21.


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