WALPOLE (CBS) – Police are looking for a driver who fled the scene after crashing into the front door of a Walpole home.

Around noon on Thursday, a car apparently did not slow down at the intersection of North and Gill Street, hitting the front door.

Impact left minor structural damage at the home, causing the front wall to move about five inches. Internal damage also resulted from the crash.

walpole2 Driver Flees After Slamming Into Front Door Of Walpole Home

The front wall of Walpole home moved several inches after a car slammed into it. (Image Credit: Walpole Building Inspector)

Debris left behind at the scene had “traceable information,” police said. As a result, police determined the car is a Chevy Sonic made between 2012 and present.

Based on tire tracks, police believe the car fled down Gill Street toward McDonald’s.

walpole Driver Flees After Slamming Into Front Door Of Walpole Home

A resident returned to a Walpole home to find a car had hit it and driven away. (Image Credit: Walpole Building Inspector)

No one was home at the time of the crash. The woman who lives there had gone out to run an errand, came home and noticed the damage.

Police are still searching for the driver.



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