By Lisa Gresci, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – It was a snowy morning and early afternoon in Copley Square but Boston residents are feeling grateful for a morning commute that was much easier than the last storm to hit the area.

It was a snowy but stable morning for Boston commuters, though some wished they scheduled their ride in a bit better.

“I should have left a little early but I didn’t,” Amy Kantor admitted.

Others said traffic was much lighter than expected.

“I got in here a little quicker than I thought,” Scott Austin said.

Boston officially received 1.7 inches of snow.

bostonsnow Boston Residents Pleasantly Surprised With Commute During Snowy Morning

Snow made for a bit of a slick commute in Boston, but no serious issues were reported. (WBZ-TV)

Austin has only been making this commute for a year or so and says when it comes to taking the bus, it’s been business as usual.

“Pretty well. The bus system seems to be on time running correctly as far as I could tell,” he explained.

Kantor is a little more seasoned and says keeping an eye on the schedules is key especially if it’s snowing.

“Yeah I like to see what time the buses are running and see if I’m going to be sitting here for 10 minutes or if I should get onto the T,” she said.

bostonsnow2 Boston Residents Pleasantly Surprised With Commute During Snowy Morning

Enjoying the snow in Boston. (WBZ-TV)

For a couple visiting from San Diego, they were taking it all in – in doses that is.

“Not too bad at all. I’m actually loving it for like five or ten minutes and then we might want to go inside,” Chandra O’Ree said.

However, the pair has done it all as far as getting around Boston goes.

“Trains, cars and a lot of walking!” she said.

Though it wasn’t a bad morning in the city, those who know Boston know that could change any minute.

“Not yet, knock on wood!” Kantor added.

The sidewalks were well sanded in Copley Square and veterans of the Boston commute say it’s important to take your time and go slow on these snowy days.


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