By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) has been called a lot of things by her critics – radical, hyperpartisan, “Pocohantas.”

But on Wednesday, the head of the US Chamber of Commerce plowed some new anti-Warren ground.

“We’re going to fight back against the extremes in both parties – the Steve Bannons and Elizabeth Warrens,” said Thomas Donohue, the Chamber president. “Those people do not represent the best interests of this country.”

warren Keller @ Large: Sen. Warren The Same As Steve Bannon?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (WBZ-TV)

In an exclusive interview, we asked the senator: “How do you like being called a Steve Bannon-style extremist?”

Her response: “Only a multi-millionaire Washington lobbyist cannot tell the difference between a white nationalist and somebody who’s out there fighting to keep working families from having to pay for tax breaks for giant corporations.”

There’s a long string of issues beyond tax reform where Warren’s blunt advocacy has angered business groups. Most recently, the credit reporting industry is upset over a new bill co-sponsored by Warren that would make big companies like Equifax pay big penalties when customer data is breached, calling it an unbalanced solution.

steve bannon Keller @ Large: Sen. Warren The Same As Steve Bannon?

Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist and chairman of Breitbart News. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

“I define balance as when they’re collecting people’s data without their permission or even their knowledge, and they’re storing it without people’s permission or knowledge, they need to meet a pretty high bar on security,” says Warren.

And to the senator, being called out by Donohue is a badge of honor.

“[He] has exactly one interest in mind, protecting a handful of giantly powerful corporations. And he is the symbol of what’s wrong right now in Washington,” she says.

Comments (2)

  2. Unfortunately I have to watch Mr. Keller every night due to my wife needing to keep up to date with the weather.
    Mr. Keller is one of most biased Dmocrats who seems to want to report only right wing problems than present a balanced report on the issues today

    You should ask Warren why she is opposed to having the head of the CFPB replaced and having the books opened up to track where the money was laundered back to the DNC.

    You might want to inform your viewers that one of indictments was unsealed
    Friday and points to the bribery of Russian officials and the DNC /Fusion GPS
    But that is a democratic issue is it not?

    You might want talk about the Globes report on the African American status
    after 93 years of Democratic rule in Boston.

    Your “show” needs a “he said she said” point of view.

    Now I’m off to the Haiti issue to talk about this.

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