By Juli McDonald

SHERBORN (CBS) – Sherborn Fire Chief Erron Kinney’s allegiances will be tested on Saturday. He may work in Patriots Nation, but he once played for the Tennessee Titans.

Kinney can still remember his play assignments for that freezing cold matchup between the Patriots and Titans back in 2004 and he says his career with Tennessee plays a big part – in how he got here.

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“The whole playing in the bitter cold, and not wearing any sleeves. The whole mind over matter, playing tough thing. It was awesome,” Kinney said.

Sherborn Fire Chief Erron Kinney (WBZ-TV)

The retired Titan tight end remembers those moments like yesterday.

“The ground was so hard!” Kinney said. “Just hitting the ground was not fun!”

And though it’s been years since he hung his jersey and cleats, Erron Kinney is now living his big dream.

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“As long as I’ve loved football, I’ve loved firefighting,” said Kinney. “As long as I can remember.”

Erron Kinney #88 of the Tennessee Titans celebrates touchdown reception on November 27, 2005 (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

The role and uniform are much different, but the camaraderie, the family is the same.

“During the football season you’re with these guys day in, day out, 12 hours a day, five six days a week,” he says. “The fire department, one of the things that draws you together is at any given time the person next to you could be called upon to save your life.”

Kinney’s rooting for a rise of the Titans Saturday in their playoff game against the Patriots. He says he’ll always be thankful for that platform, which allowed him to chase his true calling.

“I love being able to serve and give back to the community in that way,” Kinney said. “It’s something that’s stuck with me and I’ll do until I’m not allowed to anymore.”

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The chief is hoping for a friendly wager with Foxboro Fire Department this weekend. If the Titans win, a Titans smoke detector would go up at Gillette’s hometown firehouse. If Kinney loses, he’s sure his crew won’t mind the extra Pats decor.

Juli McDonald