BOSTON (CBS) – A mishap on the Orange Line caused a delay and left a dog briefly stranded on a subway car Tuesday afternoon.

The dog’s owner was getting off the train when the operator shut the door on the leash, trapping the pet.

Passenger Krista Magnuson, who took the photo, said on the other side of the glass, the owner appeared to be getting a little nervous. The dog was cool as can be, the whole time.

“He looks like he’s being a good boy. I’m glad the train didn’t go. He was all right,” one rider said.

dog2 Dog Briefly Stranded On Orange Line Train

A dog got separated from his owner on the Orange Line (Image credit: Krista Magnuson)

Riders of course sympathized with the well-behaved dog, relieved he was on the right side of the door.

“It’s sad, but he’s warm!” another rider said.

There was a brief delay while MBTA workers pried open the door, which then wouldn’t close. Passengers were moved to a working car, and the reunited owner and dog were off safe and sound.


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