By Ken MacLeod

MARSTONS MILLS (CBS) – A Cape Cod teen is being praised for going above and beyond to help an elderly woman in need.

Barbara Braman will celebrate her 82nd birthday next week with a badly broken arm on the mend and not much recollection of the tumble that caused it during her daily stroll.

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“I have no idea what in the world happened, but he was just the sweetest guy,” Barbara said.

What she does remember is Nick Kais.

woman Teen Rescues Elderly Woman Who Collapsed In Frigid Cold

Barbara Braman (WBZ-TV)

The Air Force-bound 18-year-old was driving home from the gym last Tuesday morning when he spotted Barbara sprawled along Santuit Newtown Road with temps in the teens.

“She had said that she had fallen,” Nick said. “Coming around the corner, someone could have hit her, it could have been bad.”

“I didn’t know him from a hole in the wall, just a nice young man,” Barbara said of Nick.

That nice young stranger got her up and into his Prius for the trip to her house just around the corner.

By the time Nick got her home, it was pretty clear Barbara’s arm needed a doctor. So instead of calling an ambulance, Nick drove her all the way to the emergency room at Cape Cod Hospital.

nick Teen Rescues Elderly Woman Who Collapsed In Frigid Cold

Nick Kais (WBZ-TV)

He fetched a wheelchair, got her checked in and waited for her sons to arrive as she headed for x-rays.

“And I’m saying, this guy he’s something else, I said God must have sent an angel,” Barbara said.

A few days later, Nick got a handwritten “thank you” note from Barbara’s family and a crisp $100 bill.

“I don’t consider myself as a hero, I consider myself as someone that was at the right place at the right time,” Nick said.

He says he just did what he’d want someone else to do for his grandmother and she says she knew she was in good hands from the get-go.

“He looks like a person you could trust,” Barbara said.

And indeed he was.

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